Fitness Professional: Rebecca Murphy

Fitness Professional: Tony Salamanca

I am the Owner and Head Trainer of FitPro Studios LLC. 

Throughout the years I had the opportunity to work with many clients in all different areas of fitness.
We all have goals, strengths, and weaknesses. I am very good about finding those areas and building a realistic program that you will succeed in.

Areas of Expertise: Boot Camp,Boxing,Motivational Techniques,Interval Training,Targeted Abdominal Training, and Family Fitness Training

My fitness journey started in 2010 when I met Tony.

We worked together weekly, and he gave me ideas to tackle on my own during the week. I gained a ton of insight and knowledge into how I needed to live and work out to keep myself healthy. As I prepared to get into shape ahead of my summer wedding in 2014, I'd NEVER followed a healthy lifestyle routine and I needed a ton of support to figure it out. Through meal planning prep and daily workouts, I dropped pounds and inches. I've been hooked on planning and regular exercise ever since.

My husband and I have been lifelong Valley-area residents and we have made our home in Ansonia with our two sons. A lifelong teacher, I'm constantly crafting planned workouts, routines, and exercise sets for total-body fitness with simple or no equipment. I hope each session makes a client feel challenged and supported!

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Studio # (203) 397-7662

Cell # (203) 500-0032


Current Studying for NCCPT Updated Certification
Expert Rating Certified
Completed the Competitive Edge Functional Training Program A.E.D and CPR Certified A.P.E.X Nutrition License Over 25 years Experience

"Building a healthier you is what I live by"

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Studio # (203) 397-7662
Cell # (203) 543-9393