Current Studying for NCCPT Updated Certification
Expert Rating Certified
Completed the Competitive Edge Functional Training Program A.E.D and CPR Certified A.P.E.X Nutrition License Over 20 years Experience

"Building a healthier you is what I live by"

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Studio# (203) 397-7662
Cell# (203) 543-9393
Email: tony@fitprostudio.com

Fitness Professional: Robert Skinner

Brooks Institute Bachelor of Arts

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Completed the Competitive Edge Functional Training Program

Obtained the NASM Corrective Exercise Certification 2014

"Fitness is my way of life,together we can make it yours"
Core Strength, Stability, Weight Loss and Corrective Exercise will make it happen!

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Studio# (203) 397-7662
Cell# (203) 722-7277
Email: roblivewell@gmail.com

Fitness Professional: Tony Salamanca

I am the Owner and Head Trainer of FitPro Studio New Haven. Through the years I had the opportunity to work with many clients in all different areas of fitness.
We all have goals, strengths, and weaknesses. I am very good about finding those areas and building a realistic program that you will succeed in.

Areas of Expertise: Boot Camp,Boxing,Motivational Techniques,Interval Training,Targeted Abdominal Training, and Family Fitness Training

Fitness Professional: Jason Evans

Currently studying NASM Certification

Company wide #1 ranked PE at PF Trainer

Passion and had work is all I ask my clients. Also to have fun and keep on a smile

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Studio# (203) 397-7662

Cell# (475) 227-7942

Email: jasonevans198055@yahoo.com

Fitness Professional: Christian Pelletier

NASM Certified

HKC Kettlebell Certified

DVRT Level 1 Variable Resistance Certified


My name is Christian! 

 I'd like to take a moment to share a little bit about myself. I'm 24 years old and my passions in life are Fitness, MMA and most importantly self-growth. I wasn't always into fitness, I loved sports but I was more of a backyard sports player or I'd travel to the park to play as opposed to playing for my school. Some reasons why I didn't do that is I struggled with confidence and was actually insecure about how skinny I was. In a world where most people struggle with losing weight, I struggled to gain weight. This made things hard for me when it came to competing because I found myself being physically defeated every time. It wasn't until after high school that I hit rock bottom and decided to make a life altering change.

I decided to give martial arts a try because I heard how well it helped not only physically but mentally with confidence and that is what I desperately needed. Jiu-Jitsu is what I started with and I immediately fell in love. My instructor also happened to be a certified trainer and took me to the weight room after class one day to show me some things to help gain muscle and strength. That was the day I fell in love with fitness. Fast forward to now, I earned 3 certifications in Fitness. One of them being a NASM certification which I was very proud to attain. I now train in Mixed Martial Arts as well, the combination of fitness and learning fighting techniques were major stepping stones into leading me into the healthiest lifestyle. I started researching proper nutrition and most importantly I learned how to think better. The daily situations I face are much easier to conquer simply because my mind is in the right place...I may not have everything in the world but I have happiness. Honestly in my opinion that's the epitome in life. Since I found out how to create happiness and a healthy lifestyle, it's been my mission to help others create the healthy and happy lifestyle they want.

There's a lot more depth to my story and the story only grows, I consider myself to be an open book so I look forward to getting to know you in exchange for you getting to know me even better. You will never FIND a healthy and happy lifestyle...it must be CREATED. I look forward to helping you create the healthier lifestyle you're looking for.

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Studio# (203) 397-7662

Cell# (860) 539-0766

Email: cpelletier.fitness@gmail.com