Owner/Head Trainer: Tony Salamanca

​Client: Kim Sweeney

How do you explain the feeling of getting your life back?
I was at a low point in my life, but certainly not on the scales or in the clothing sizes. I got to a point that I was so uncomfortable in my own skin, that I couldn’t enjoy life as I used to. I was just a person that let myself go bit by bit and before I knew it, things got out of hand. I was always a very social person, able to talk to anyone and everyone, but I became so focused on my physical downfall, that I didn't want to go out anymore. I didn't laugh as much because I thought I even sounded larger. Finally, I decided that I was going to do something about it, so I went online and joined a gym before I could change my mind. The first day I stepped into Planet Fitness, I "worked out" for about a half hour. I felt pretty good about myself and I was looking forward to a healthier, slimmer me. On my way out, I ran into Tony. I asked if I could set up a few sessions with him just to see what he might suggest. This is where the adventure began... Tony Salamanca is my personal trainer. He had me keep a daily journal of everything I ate. This made me accountable for all of my "get-through-the-moment" foods, but if I was really going to do this right, I had to be honest; not only to Tony, but to myself. So, I wrote down EVERYTHING that I ate and drank. Boy, when it's in black and white, it really is embarrassing! We both laughed at my "healthy choices", and I guess I really didn't need that Rice Crispy treat at 11:00 PM.   Time is always a factor, but the workout you receive with Tony in one half hour session is beyond what anyone would push themselves to do in an hour by themselves. It’s tough, but he always gives you the push you need to get you through it. His routines are anything but “Routine”! Sometimes, he has some strange ideas, but they ALWAYS seem to work muscles I never realized I had! There is usually a certain obligation that goes along with signing a contract. I don't feel that way with Tony. I truly look forward to our sessions. He is more than a physical fitness trainer. Tony has not only made me more physically fit, but he has given me back my mental strength as well. I have my self-confidence back. For the first time in over ten years, I bought (and actually wore) a two-piece bikini! I am so pleased with the results and positive life changes this has all brought to me & I look so forward to much more. So now I ask again… How do you explain the feeling of getting your life back? That is something that Tony Salamanca has given to me. Sounds dramatic, right? But it’s true…

​Client: David Rifkin

I have known Tony for about 5 years and began working with him as my trainer about 8-9 months ago. He is great to work with, is punctual, personable and motivational. This combines to make the experience fun as well as reaching goals of feeling better and sticking with it.I strongly recommend Tony for your personal training needs.

Client: Renee S.

Tony & I have known each other for 10yrs. Professionally we are working to reach great level's. It is exciting to see Tony grow and work together as a team to accomplish goal's in the Fitness Industry. He is great at his job and reaches to accomplish all goal's set before him. It is exciting to see the effort to reach higher and achieve what is put before him.

Client: Elise W.

Tony is an amazing trainer. He is highly creative and customizes the training to your body and personality. Above all, he's a great guy who I've been lucky to work with!!

Client: Brian Bernstein

I worked together with Tony at the Fitness Edge, CT. Tony is a great personal trainer and manager that was extremely focused on helping members achieve fitness goals through proper exercise and nutrition. Tony had also moved on to work as the Personal Trainer Director at Planet Fitness and became one of the leading general managers in that company.

Client: Susan DeRosa

Tony is an exceptional trainer, dealing with clients one on one in a very professional manner. He is able to identify the characteristics within the individual to motivate and impact performance. Tony has a strong work ethic, high business acumen, and excellent communication skills. I would not hesitate to hire Tony or recommend him as a personal trainer to friends and...more